Friday, November 16, 2012

They Fixed Everything: Nautique GSeries Wake Boats

My first impressions of the all new Nautique GSeries wakeboard boats:

     Wow. They’ve thought of everything. The designers at Nautique have spent the last 20 years driving, riding in and behind ski and wake boats and have taken that knowledge, along with a list of suggestions from owners and addressed them. “They fixed everything” is a typical comment I hear as people are going through the boat for the first time.
Shaun Murray and
Super Air Nautique G23
     The GSeries boats, available in 23’ and 25’ versions, are the result of countless conversations between professional wakeboarders and engineers. Riders, who are also professional boat drivers and professional boat passengers, provided the ideas for improvements and engineers brought the ideas to life. Who better to design a boat than the riders who spend six days a week in them? 
When I sit in the driver’s seat of a GSeries boat, it feels like home. Like a well made tool, the boat becomes an extension of the driver. Adjust the sliding seat and the tilt steering wheel and now, relax your shoulders to find the steering wheel in your left hand and the throttle in your right hand. Notice the clear field of vision ahead and lack of clutter at the dash. Nicely lit LINC 2.0 interface awaiting your next instruction. Everything is within reach of the driver’s fingertips including battery switch, steering, throttle, audio, video, GPS, ballast, cruise control, lights, bilge, blower, circuit breakers, and ice cold refreshment.
Sub-floor ballast tanks allow room
for four wakeboards in the
V-drive compartment.
     The GSeries boats are real life transformers blurring the lines between a luxury runabout and the ultimate wake machine for wakeboarding and surfing. Wide beam and deep gunnels make the GSeries boats the perfect runabout with ample seating, walk-through, full sunpad, and a platform ladder for swimming. Clarion and Polk Audio sound system provide outstanding sound quality and LINC 2.0 makes it a breeze to control the stereo from the driver’s seat. G series Nautiques have a perfect layout for entertaining large groups of people of all ages. Hull design and engine options allow the G23 and G25 to have a comfortable and quiet ride at cruising speeds.
     Now, transition to wakeboarding. This used to be the time consuming part of your lake trip. Not anymore. Activate user settings and select wakeboard pro, intermediate or beginner. Grab the center rear bench seat from the base, slide it forward, and flip up the backrest. Pop up the port side rear facing seat and it is time to ride. You now have the biggest and cleanest wake in the industry designed to turn wakeboarders into astronauts. You also have 9 dedicated rear facing seats so the whole crew can enjoy the action without getting a crick in their neck.
The reversible seat glides effortlessly
from forward facing to rear facing.
     I have heard many people say that only professional riders can appreciate the wake of the GSeries boats. This could not be more wrong. The G23 and G25 have a clean wake with speeds as slow as 18 mph. Empty the ballast, set the NCRS to 0, set cruise at 18 mph and you will see a clean wake with a very mellow transition. This is a perfect kid-friendly or beginner-friendly wake and riding speed.
     Bad ankle, knee, shoulder, back, or neck…maybe wake surfing is a better pursuit. Activate user settings and select surf port. Ride goofy or want a backside break… try surf starboard. Tremendous surf wakes on both sides of the boat that require no additional ballast. Tweak the NCRS setting 0-5 to dial in the perfect wake for your riding style. Not there yet… try filling or draining a bit of the belly ballast to change the height and length of the wave. Control is the name of the game. You have all the control with the touch of a button on the LINC 2.0.
G25 Surf Wave
     The GSeries Nautiques are making it easier for people to learn how to surf. GSeries boats allow surfers to throw the rope in sooner with a much more powerful wave pushing them along. No fat sacs are required for surfing so the switch from port to starboard surf wakes requires just the touch of a couple buttons. It doesn’t take a professional rider to appreciate a better surf wake with less effort.
     Who is the G23 or G25 owner? Some buyers are individuals who want the absolute best wakeboard and surf wakes possible. Others are looking for safety, large seating capacity, configurable seating, comfort, ease of operation, and a unique look on the water. Some are simply looking for improvements on design, storage and boat layout. For most, the perfect wakes are a bonus…they are buying the GSeries because “they fixed everything” to make it the perfect boat that it is.

John Jordan

Here’s what new owners have to say:

“Family: comfort, smooth ride, safe, room for dogs, easy to drive
Friends: 19 person capacity, ample seating, configurable seating for socializing and sporting, wanted something different so bought a new model and a boat that many cannot afford. Doesn’t want to be seen in same boat as everybody else
Sports: best wake with little effort, configurable seats, easy to drive”
Tom - G25

“Hinged seat cushions, cooler in floor, surf wake much better… able to surf using factory ballast only, Handles rough water better, new tower is more solid, new LINC 2.0 is much easier to use and has more features, no carpet!”
Bret - G23

“WAKE, storage, family friendly with tons of space and tall gunnels, attention to detail and quality of construction. Wake is much more dense and powerful than the x-star.”
CB - G23

For more information about the Super Air Nautique G Series, go to or check out the G23 and G25 on youtube.
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